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Firmamiz 45 yildir Mobilya-Insaat-Mutfak-Banyo-Mimarlik uretimleri ile siz degerli musterilerimize hizmete devam etmektedir. Since 1958, our company provides KITCHEN-BATHROOM FURNITURE, MODULAR PRODUCTION sales and after-sales service. As of now, we are producing BATHROOM-KITCHEN cabinets in 2000 m2 closed area Our company attend to business firms which are produce or sell kithcen and bathroom cabinets. We can deliver really fastly in all types of house and social housing projects. (montly 1500 kitchen sets,etc.) Also , we can produce ACRYLIC AND MEMBRAN COVERS for your quantity demanded. For your individual or collective house projects, we can set up the kitchen in 120 minutes with ready-made modules. If you share your Project in autocad format with us, we can design your Project and we offer deliver your Project in really rapidly and most reasonable price. In our stocks we have ready-made modules in various size and specifications; the lower cabinets size of between 15 cm and 110 cm, and he top of cabinets size of between 20 cm and 100 cm. Installation diagrams and installation screws are available in our modules. They are really easy for installation and they do not need the large space at the time of delivery. Also, we ASSEMBLE for your building and social housing projects. Please check our ECONOMIC KITHCEN AND BATHROOM models. You can get them very cheap and immediate delivery service. Do not you want enjoy our unlimited models and colors alternative ? Please contact us our offers and price list.

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